Tickets now on sale!

The 2024 edition of Reykjavík Jazz Festival takes place between August 27 – 31. We invite you to a five day music festival with focus on jazz and improvised music, performed by musicians from The States, Europe and Iceland.

JAZZPASS – Price: 25,900 ISK

The Jazzpass grants access to the entire schedule of the Reykjavik Jazz Festival 2024. Pass holders will receive wristbands at the beginning of the festival and can attend all concerts thereafter without additional charge. Purchase the Jazzpass here.

EVENING PASS – Price: 7,990 ISK (Tuesday, August 27th)
EVENING PASS – Price: 8,490 ISK (Wednesday, August 28th – Saturday, August 31st)

The evening pass is available for each night of the festival at Harpa Concert Hall. The pass is valid for all concerts on the night. Tickets are not sold for individual concerts in Harpa.

Tickets for performances at Fríkirkjan, Hróðmar Sigurðsson, and Ingibjörg Turchi and WEILL! are also available for purchase.

Tuesday August 27th

Harpa – Norðurljós7:00 PMReykjavik Big Band (IS)Evening pass
Harpa – Norðurljós8:00 PMMikael Máni Solo (IS)Evening pass
Harpa – Norðurljós9:00 PM Hist og (IS)Evening pass

Wednesday August 28th

Harpa – Norðurljós7:00 PMAndrés Þór/Jens Larsen Quartet (IS/DK)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós8:00 PMSigurður Flosason & Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir (IS)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós9:00 PMGulli Briem – Groove Gang (IS/US)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós10:00 PMES Sextet & Marína Ósk – Jazz Swing from the Old School (IS)Evening Pass

Thursday August 29th

Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík12:00 PMHróðmar Sigurðsson & Ingibjörg Turchi (IS)Tickets
Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar5:30 PMIcelandic Jazz Pearls (IS)Free Entrance
Harpa – Norðurljós7:00 PMmove (IS)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós8:00 PMJakob Buchanan Trio (DK/USA)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós9:00 PMGØ (FO)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós10:00 PMIceland´s Liberation Orchestra (IS)Evening Pass

Friday August 30th

Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar5:30 PMRebekka Blöndal Quartet (IS)Free entrance
Harpa – Norðurljós7:00 PMSunna Gunnlaugs Quartet (IS/DE)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós8:00 PMTania Giannouli (GR)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós9:00 PMSilva og Steini (IS)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós10:00 PMSarah Vaughan 100 Years – Kristjana Stefáns and Jakob Frandsen Trio (IS/DE/DK/AT)Evening Pass

Saturday August 31st

Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík12:00 PMWEILL! (IS)Tickets
Jómfrúin (Restaurant)3:00 PMGammar (IS)

Free entrance

Harpa – Norðurljós7:00 PMTumi Árnason and Orchestra (IS)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós8:00 PMArnold Ludvig Quintet (IS/FO)Evening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós9:00 PMSigmar Matthiasson – Release concertEvening Pass
Harpa – Norðurljós10:00 PMShuteen Erdenebataar Quartet (DE)Evening Pass

Sunday September 1st

Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar12:00 PMHlynur/KjalarFree entrance

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