Andrés Þór/Jens Larsen Quartet (IS/DK)


Andrés Þór/Jens Larsen (IS/DK)
Norðurljós, Harpa
Wednesday August 28th

Andrés Þór/Jens Larsen quartet is a collaboration between guitarists Andrés Þór and the Danish Jens Larsen, who resides in the Netherlands. The two have known each other for a long time and have played together on various occasions over the years, primarily in the Netherlands where Jens resides. Now they have joined forces to create a unique two-guitar quartet that draws influence from both the rich jazz guitar tradition and the national musical language of their home countries. Providing solid support will be bassist Þorgrímur “Toggi” Jónsson and drummer Scott McLemore.

The repertoire will feature compositions by Andrés and Jens. Andrés Þór has been a prominent figure in the Icelandic jazz scene, and in addition to leading his own trio and quartet, he has performed with many of the country’s top jazz artists. Jens Larsen is internationally recognized for his YouTube channel where he regularly posts jazz instructional videos and muses on various aspects of jazz music and guitar. He regularly performs in his home country, including with his quartet Træben, and tours regularly abroad, most recently to Taiwan and Spain.

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