Harpa, Norðurljós
Thursday 29th of August
21:00GØ is a dynamic jazz group hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. Founded in 2015 by a quartet of audacious young musicians, GØ breathes life into the music scene with their rebellious spirit and boundary-breaking compositions.

Drawing inspiration from the sixties and seventies, GØ’s music transports listeners to a bygone era while infusing it with a contemporary edge. Their eclectic sound fuses elements of jazz, rock, and cinematic influences like film noir and spaghetti westerns, resulting in a unique auditory experience.
With each performance, GØ captivates audiences with their infectious energy and penchant for experimentation. The compositions by Ellefsen and Gaard are beautiful, quirky and humorous at times, and the group doesn’t shy away from evolving the musical material to its absolute extremes. This, combined with the group’s seamless interplay, catches the listeners’ attention leaving them wondering what might happen next.
Ólavur Eyðunsson Gaard – Guitar
Kristian Pauli Ellefsen – Keys
Árni Jóhannesson – Bass
Hjørtur Pætursson Háberg – Drums
Sjúrður Zachariassen – Saxophone
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