Icelandic jazz pearls – Helga Margrét & Vigdís Þóra (IS)


Icelandic Jazz Pearls (IS)
Jörgensen Kitchen and bar
Thursday August 29th

Helga Margrét Clarke and Vigdís Þóra are jazz singers that completed their final exams at the FÍH Music School in the spring of 2024 and have regularly performed both together and separately. With the project “Icelandic Jazz Pearls,” they aim to showcase Icelandic jazz composers and the music that has had the greatest influence on their musical taste. Helga Margrét Clarke and Vigdís Þóra will perform Icelandic jazz by Icelandic composers. As examples of composers, one can mention Tómas R. Einarsson, Jón Múli Árnason, Karl Olgeirsson, Marína Ósk, and Sigurður Flosason, along with their own original material. The project previously received funding from the Akureyri Cultural Society for concerts at Hof in Akureyri and will be held on June 16, 2024.

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