Silva & Steini (IS)


Silva & Steini (IS)
Harpa, Norðurljós
Friday August 30th

Silva & Steini release their second album, “More Understanding,” in August 2024 under the label FOUND Recordings.

Similar to their previous album, the duo’s work consists of carefully selected jazz standards and new compositions. However, as the title of the new album suggests, it can be said that they now have a deeper understanding of themselves and their collaboration. Thus, their sonic universe has deepened in various ways, dreamy undertones brought to the surface, and their song selection characterized by more joy and freedom. Similarly, they sing together more often, and arrangements are generally crafted more collaboratively.

Silva Þórðardóttir sings alongside vocalist Steingrímur Teague, who also plays the felt-damped piano, Wurlitzer, and Rhodes. Drummer Magnús Trygvason Eliassen and bassist Birgir Steinn Theodórsson feature on some tracks, with Jóel Pálsson playing his bass clarinet as he did on the previous album.

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