Insomnia Brass Band (DE)


Insomnia Brass Band – Lucks, Schlichting and Marien – are a miniature brass band, juggling shifting rolls, toggling between rhythm and melody as they traverse a beguiling landscape of free jazz, funk, punk rock, and New Orleans brass band traditions. Collectively, they have been spending an increasing amount of time pushing and stretching their original tunes with a mixture of improvisational brio and body-moving funk.

Since 2017, the trio has been on the road with numerous concerts in jazz clubs and at festivals, has received several grants from the Musikfonds and Berlin Senate, and has released two CDs on Tiger Moon Records.

In 2023, the Insomnia Brass Band was awarded the German Jazz Prize as „Band of the Year“.

„…it’s great fun, you want to dance pogo to it. More of this please!“
Hans-Jürgen Schaal, Jazzthetik

„Calypsomanic vitality in XXL“
Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy


Anke Lucks : trombone
Almut Schlichting : baritone saxophone
Christian Marien : drums



This concert is sponsored by Goethe Institut and Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Community.

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