The Nordic Quintet (IS/DK/FI/SE)


This newly formed quintet traces its roots to the center of the Danish jazz scene. Each member has been prominent internationally and now they have joined forces and recorded two albums which will be released soon. Influences are a mix of hard bop and modern jazz driven by the quintet’s powerful rhythm section. The audience can expect a blend of new material with some of the band member’s favorite jazz tunes in between.

The name of the band originates in the fact that most of the Scandinavian nationalities can be found within the quintet. Karl-Martin Almquist is Swedish, Johnny Åmann is from Finland, Carl Winter and Anders Mogensen are Danish and trumpet player Ari Bragi is from Iceland.

Don’t be fooled by the friendly look of these cats, they’re actually badass!

Ari Bragi Kárason : trumpet
Karl-Martin Almquist : tenor saxophone
Carl Winther : piano
Johnny Åmann : double bass
Anders Mogensen : drums

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