Gork – Óskar Kjartansson (IS)


Gork – Óskar Kjartansson – Release Concert

Gork is Óskar Kjartanssons first album. It was released by Reykjavik Record Shop in August 2022 and was chosen as “Jazz of the year” by Morgunblaðið newspaper and nominated for The Kraumur Awards. The music is defined by a lot of rock- or even metal influences and might therefore be called some sort of mix of metal and jazz. The music is written around bass- and guitarriffs, rather than the more traditional chord progressions more regularly found in jazz music. The music is supposed to be simple in design to leave space for the muscisians to fill in the blanks with improvisation. The melodies are likewise centered more around rhythm rather than tones. Óskar celebrates the release of the album with this concert at the Reykjavík Jazz festival where the album will be played in it’s entirety along with newer unreleased material

Óskar Kjartansson – Drums
Gabríel Markan – Guitar
Valdimar Olgeirsson – Electric Bass
Helgi Rúnar Heiðarsson – Saxophones
Tumi Árnason – Tenor Saxophone


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