Freysteinn Quartet (IS)


Freysteinn fearlessly carves his own path in music, evident in the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of his songs. With shifting rhythms, key changes, resonating tonal intervals, and seamless transitions between sections, his music paints vivid pictures and captures the delicate power of tenderness.

At the upcoming performance by Freysteinn’s quartet, they will showcase music from their acclaimed album, “Í allar áttir en samt bara eina,” which has garnered positive reviews from both local and international media. Adam Baruch describes it as “truly unusual and innovative.”

Furthermore, the quartet has already begun exploring new material, which will also be featured in their performance. Joining Freysteinn on stage are saxophonist Helgi Helgi R. Heiðarsson, guitarist Hilmar Jensson, and drummer Óskar Kjartansson.

Freysteinn Gíslason : double bass
Helgi R. Heiðarsson : saxophone
Hilmar Jensson : guitar
Óskar Kjartansson : drums


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