Beebee and the Bluebirds (IS)


Beebee and the Bluebirds was founded by singer and guitarist Brynhildur Oddsdóttir in 2010 and they have been very active in the Icelandic music scene since.

Besides Brynhildur, or “Beebee” the band includes bassist Brynjar Páll Björnsson, keyboard player Halldór Sveinsson and drummer Ásmundur Jóhannsson. They have played various festivals, f.ex. Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik Blues festival and Reykjavik Guitarama. In 2019 they toured in Sweden with the amazing hammond player Andreas Hellkvist. They have released two albums, their debut album, “Burning heart”, is shun from jazz, improvisation and blues, but also reaches for the soul. Aiming for a rougher side and more edge, they released their second album in december 2017 and the album’s title song, “Out of the dark” got great reviews and radioplay. They recently released the single “Mama knows best” from their upcoming album.

Their music can be best described as a mixture of soul, funk, blues and rock.

Brynhildur Oddsdóttir : vocals and electric guitar
Brynjar Páll Björnsson : bass
Halldór Sveinsson : keys
Ásmundur Jóhannsson : drums


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