Gammar (IS)


Gammar (IS)
Saturday August 31st
3 pm
Free entrance

The jazz-rock band Gammar, which has long been at the forefront of jazz-rock music in Iceland, is holding a release concert at Jómfrúin  to celebrate the release of their fifth album. This event marks a significant milestone for the band, known for its innovative contribution to the Icelandic music scene, having released four albums of original music.

The members of Gammar are Stefán S. Stefánsson on saxophone and flute, Björn Thoroddsen on guitar, Þórir Baldursson on piano and organ, Bjarni Sveinbjörnsson on bass, and Sigfús Óttarsson on drums.

Gammar has created a unique sound and made its mark on the Icelandic jazz-rock scene. They represent musical innovation and a significant contribution to Icelandic jazz music culture, reflected in their constant passion for music.