Venues for Reykjavík Jazz 2020

We’re absolutely delighted to announce Tjarnarbíó as one of our venues for the 30th anniversary of Reykjavík Jazz Festival 2020. Last year’s festival was partly held there with great success and we just had to team up with them again.

Kornhlaðan is a great venue in the city centre which will be one of the concert venues for Reykjavík Jazz 2020. We’re extremely excited to present a few concerts at this awesome place.

We’re also happy to confirm that Reykjavík City Hall will be one of the venues for our 30th anniversary of Reykjavík Jazz Festival this year. Last year we had a few great concerts there which were open to the public with free entrance. We look forward to presenting free concerts in the City Hall every weekday from August 31st to September 4th 2020.

After being away for two years from this next venue we want to announce, it is with great pleasure that we can confirm our presence at this audience favourite. We’re talking about Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre of course. Through the years we’ve held numerous concerts in this great concert hall and the audience is usually thrilled with the experience.

A few of the venues in the city which have presented live jazz music in the past join forces with Reykjavík Jazz for our 30th anniversary on August 29 – September 5, 2020. Among these we can name Jómfrúin at Lækjargata, Kex Hostel at Skúlagata and last but not least Mulinn Jazz Club which is on the 5th floor of Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre.

You never know if more venues will be announced in the near future so make sure you follow us on facebook and instagram.