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The second day of Reykjavik Jazz Festival will take place in Tjarnarbíó, the old cinema beside the city’s town hall and the pond ‘Reykjavíkurtjörn’. The second evening consists of 3 performances.

Salsakommúnan (The Salsa Commune) is a group that performs original dance music, influenced by traditional Latin American themes. The group writes its own original lyrics in Icelandic that are inspired by the magic realism that characterises so much of Latin American literature, mixed with cold Icelandic reality. This paradoxical fusion of hot and cold combines these contrasting cultures in a fresh and novel way. The group released its first album, Rok í Reykjavik (Stormy Reykjavík) in 2018 and has gained a reputation as a lively and fun live band, performing salsa concerts for seasoned salsa-dancers and novices alike.