Unnur Birna & Bjössi Thor


Unnur Birna and Björn Thor put together their band in 2018 and hit the road immediately with a series of well received concerts around Iceland. The repertoire is comprised of their favourite songs and showcases their talent in a tasteful manner. Accompanying them are two excellent musicians, Skúli Gíslason on drums and Sigurgeir Skafti Flosason on bass. While providing a tight foundation to the music they do not shy away when called to the spotlight, both being outstanding soloists.

With all members having a diverse and well trained musical background, together they spin jazz, rock, pop and blues into colourful yarn with a classical silver lining resulting in a rich tapestry of music that leaves the audience delighted and wanting more.


Unnur Birna: vocals and violin
Björn Thoroddsen: guitar
Sigurgeir Skafti Flosason: bass
Skúli Gíslason: drums


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