Sigmar Matthíasson – METAPHOR


Bassist Sigmar Thor Matthiasson will release his second solo album early next year, but his debut album “Áróra” got two nominations for the Icelandic Music Awards last year. Before going into the studio again, Sigmar and his bandmates are going to warm up with a special concert at Reykjavík Jazz Festival. Presenting all-original music, which can be described as modern jazz with major influences from Balkan folk music and other world music. This is a unique opportunity to hear unreleased material that is constantly evolving. The band consists of Sigmar Matthiasson on double bass, Haukur Gröndal on clarinet and saxophone, Ásgeir Ásgeirsson on oud, guitar and other string instruments, Ingi Bjarni Skúlason on piano and Matthías Hemstock on drums and percussion.


Sigmar Þór Matthíasson: double bass
Haukur Gröndal: clarinet, saxophone
Ásgeir Ásgeirsson: oud, guitar, other stringed instruments
Ingi Bjarni Skúlason: piano
Matthías Hemstock: drums



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