Nico Moreaux “Far” Icelandic Nonet (FR/IS)


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Nicolas Moreaux is a french bass player living in Iceland. At the Reykjavík Jazz Festival in 2022 he will present a set of original music, recently composed by Nicolas himself and arranged by Phillipe Maniez, who has, amongst others, worked with the Kurt Rosenwinkel Big band and the Dedication big band.
The concert will feature Moreaux’s Icelandic nonet, with whom he plays regularly in Iceland and abroad. The music alternates between being contemplative and energetic and is mostly inspired by Moreaux’s own life, spirituality and nature.

Nico Moreaux : double bass
Andrés Þór Gunnlaugsson : guitar
Sigurður Flosason : alto saxophone
Óskar Guðjónsson : tenor saxophone
Jóel Pálsson : tenor saxophone
Eyþór Gunnarsson : piano
Snorri Sigurðarson : trumpet
Scott Mclemore : drums
Matthías Hemstock : drums


For more than a decade the Parisian jazz scene has been blessed with a musician of a rare kind: bass player, composer and band leader, Nico Moreaux. Through a string of records and playing alongside the who’s-who of contemporary jazz in France (f.ex. Pierre Perchaud, Olivier Boge, Tony Paeleman and Tigran Hamasyan), he has slowly earned the reputation of a bass player to be heard, and more importantly, felt. With a strong attachment to the essential skills and a unique sense of artistry and aesthetics, Moreaux seems to be in possession of a recipe that simply makes any band feel right at home. As a composer, his music displays warmth, humour and the love for strong, picturesque melodies, as can be heard on the awarded release “Fall Somewhere”. Whether in concert or within his own compositions, Moreaux always appears to be driven by the same quest: to deliver what is essential and true.

Nicolas Moreaux is a descendant of the 19th century french composer H. Berlioz. He has studied privately with masters like Dennis Irwin, Ben Street and Johannes Weidenmueller, all of whom teach clarity, the use of space, band support and creativity through the bass.

Moreaux has released 3 records as a band leader (a two-drumset sextet) and 3 records as a co-leader (FOX, Belleville Project) on several renowned labels like Fresh Sound, Sunnyside and Jazz&People. While his compositions have been described by critics as poetic, energetic and melodic, they also generously demonstrate his ability to bring a large variety of colours into his composing. Inspired by a variety of styles, ranging from folk, rock, free jazz, film scores and classical music, his most recent album, “Fall Somewhere”, received the prestigious award “”Grand prix du disque Charles Cros”” as the jazz record of the year 2013.

FOX, a collaborative band with Pierre Perchaud, featuring Jorge Rossy and Chris Cheek, was nominated as a “”Revelation”” at the french TV/Radio “”Victoires de la musique”” awards in 2016.
Both FOX and Belleville Project are recipients of the “”French American Jazz Exchange”” by the Mid Atlantic Art Foundation and ADAMI.

Nicolas Moreaux has performed with, amongst others, Tigran Hamasyan, Jeff Ballard, Chris Cheek, Jorge Rossy, Baptiste Trotignon, Bill McHenry, Vincent Peirani, Bugge Wesseltoft, Hilmar Jenson, Emile Parisien, Rick Margitza, Óskar Gudjonsson, Carolina Katun, John Bestch, Macha Gharibian, Eric Lelann, Nelson Veras, Pedro Martins and many more.

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