Ingibjörg Turchi (IS)


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Ingibjörg Turchi will release her third solo album in 2022. The album has influences from various sources as on her other albums. Jazz, experimental music, minimalism, rock and more are mixed in the soundscape that Ingibjörg and her band have developed in recent years. At the concert, the new album will be performed in its entirety along with all those who performed on it. The band will also perform older pieces.

Ingibjörg Elsa Turchi : electric bass
Tumi Árnason : tenor Saxophone
Magnús Trygvason Eliassen : drums
Hróðmar Sigurðsson : guitar
Magnús Jóhann Ragnarsson : piano

About Ingibjörg Turchi:

Bass player and composer Ingibjörg Turchi has been a mainstay in the Icelandic music scene for the last ten years. Ingibjörg has played with many of the nation’s most beloved artists in all genres, both in concerts and on recordings. She has also worked in theatre and art exhibitions, including Ragnar Kjartansson´s Woman in E. Ingibjörg’s work, Anemos, was premiered by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra on behalf of Ung-Yrkja in April 2021.

Since 2017, Ingibjörg has performed regularly under her own name with her band. She has released two solo albums, Wood / work (2017), where the electric bass was in the foreground and Meliae (2020) where she continued to expand her sound with the help of her band. The album combines jazz, experimental music and minimalism in an untranslated mix. Repetition is paramount. Instruments such as saxophone, guitar and bass are deconstructed with the help of electronic devices and then rebuilt. In this way, Ingibjörg and her band create a unique and mesmerizing sound. Meliae won the Kraumur Prize and was chosen album of the year by Morgunblaðið (a local newspaper) and At the Icelandic Music Awards of 2021 Meliae received an award as the Album of the Year in the Jazz and Blues category and for Sound Production of the Year. It was also nominated for the Hyundai Nordic Music Prize 2021. The band was also chosen to represent Iceland at Nordic Jazz Comets 2020 and subsequently on a tour of Finland in September 2021.

“Traipsing up to Bryggjan Brugghús in Grandi turned out to be worth it. Ingibjörg Turchi’s virtuosic ensemble played a set of warm, charming instrumental music that hovered between jazz, post-rock, formal composition and improvisation. It was free-flowing and hypnotic, from Ingibjörg’s finger-picked bass melodies, to Magnús Trygvason´s startling and creative approach to percussion (how does his mind see all those spaces for sounds?), to Tumi Árnason’s sparing and sometimes soaring saxophone passages. The band were so engaged in their performance that when the rapturous applause finally came, they looked almost surprised, like they’d drifted off into a collective trance and had been snapped back into reality.”
– John Rogers, Reykjavik Grapevine

“I did manage to move my way up to the front finally to watch Ingibjörg Turchi and her band create luscious, hypnotizing soundscapes defying the boundaries of genre and raising the bar on musicianship.”
-Rex Beckett, Reykjavik Grapevine.

“Sonic space created on this album is like a look deeply into a mystic dimension. This world is filled up by some ambiguous and incredible air, where echo hypnotising and gripping motives and tempting nostalgic melodies. It is impossible not to give in to their charm and not to focus on sound that slyly wraps around the listener. An evocative aura of irrealism makes individual compositions permeate into our inner life. The intensity of experiences increases with each minute. Revelation.
The newest album of Ingibjörg Elsa Turchi is a sound phenomenon that delivers unusual experiences. „Meliae” is an album that is possible to put on the loop endlessly. It remains to hope that in not so far future it will see the continuation.”
-Stacja Islandia, August 2020.

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