Ingi Bjarni – Neither folk nor jazz


Ingi Bjarni – Neither folk nor jazz

Pianist Ingi Bjarni will perform selected songs from his albums Tenging (IB Quintet, 2019) and Fundur (IB Trio, 2018). He will also perform new music from his solo project “Ekki þjóðlag, ekki jazz” (Not a folk song, not jazz). There the goal is to keep the style of the music open. No stylistic limitations, so anything can happen. In general, his music has space for both lyrical and free improvisation.

Ingi Bjarni won the “rising star” award in the jazz- and blues category for the year 2019 at the Icelandic Music Awards.


“a suite of genre-bridging music of captivating poetic ambience, rooted in an overall subtlety of melodic figure and rhythmic interaction….A distinctive and rewarding album, which impresses more and more with each hearing.” – Jazz Journal

„This evocative piano solo keeps hinting that it is going to develop into a simple folk-song but the shifts in tonal centre keep moving it away from any obvious resolution.“ – Jazz Views

“Tenging is a highly accomplished work of art that flows with ease and coherence….Ingi Bjarni is deserving of wide recognition for his skills as a composer as well as his perceptive piano playing.” – All About Jazz


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