HÓBiT is made up of Helgi Rúnar Heiðarsson, Óskar Kjartansson, Birgir Steinn Theodorsson and Tómas Jónsson. They have played together in the realms of music in all sorts of combination for many years and enjoy doing so. Last September they recorded an album that got the name Japl (released 16th of January) and contains music by Helgi. The music is identified as improvisational interplay music with catchy melodies. Everyone from private investigators to babies can enjoy listening, sleeping, sneaking, or dancing with the music, which the quartet enjoys making.


Helgi Rúnar Heiðarsson: saxophones
Óskar Kjartansson: drums
Birgir Steinn Theodorsson: double bass
Tómas Jónsson: piano og farfisa


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