At the anniversary of the Reykjavik Jazz Festival, the band Dalalæða will play a debut concert of a musical composition that blends together doom-jazz with the ancient tradition of Icelandic ‘rímur’, where words will be spoken instead of sung. The music is characterized by minimalism and slow progression where an attempt is made to break out of the structure of the modes of major and minor scales. The traditional piano trio will be mixed with neo-classical textures of a bass clarinet, electronic hiss and field-recordings from the Icelandic nature and urban areas. The poetry and the music are inspired by Icelandi history where the members dived into old references from the research project Dysjar hinna dæmdu (e. Cairns of the Condemned), that has investigated executions in Iceland from 1550-1830.

The members of Dalalæða have been very active in the Icelandic music scene in bands such as Amiina, Hjálmar, Móses Hightower, Epic Rain, The Ghost Choir, ADHD, Samúels Jón Samúelsson Big Band, Flís, Stórsveit Reykjavíkur and Annes.


Hannes Helgason: piano
Jóel Pálsson: bass clarinet, kontrabass clarinet, sopran saxophone
Jóhannes Birgir Pálmason: poetry and spoken words, sampling
Magnús Trygvason Eliassen: drums
Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson: double bass

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