BÖSS is a newly-formed band, consisting of Mikael Máni Ásmundarson (Mikael Máni, Tendra) on guitar and bass, Hrafnkell Örn Guðjónsson (Agent Fresco) on drums, Þórður Sigurðarson (Lágafellskirkja) on piano and synth and Birkir Blær Ingólfsson (The Minister) on saxophone. BÖSS in Icelandic is a nonsensical term but in English it means ‘a bus’ which is funny and ‘buzz’ which is an urban slang for excitement or cool gossip, which is precisely what BÖSS aspires to be: either a bus or cool gossip.

BÖSS plays some kind of jazz or prog – or simply pop. BÖSS doesn’t know. The reason probably being that all kinds of people are allowed on buses in Iceland. BÖSS is all for the simple joy of playing music, not taking their compositions all too seriously. In BÖSS’s view, a composition is just a playing-field, a place where musicians meet and throw ideas around and no children in their right mind would ever take their playing-field too seriously.

The band-members come from different music-genres: a church organists collides with the greatest prog-drummer of Iceland, which then collides with a university-honed jazz-instinct, which finally runs headfirst into a wannabe mainstream pop-artist and in BÖSS all these influences are warmly welcomed – making for a very fresh and exciting cocktail – or just pure cacophonic rubbish. BÖSS, very modestly, refuses to be the judge on that.

BÖSS plays in a headlong rush, without deciding on anything in advance, without stopping between songs – except when BÖSS does stop between songs. For sometimes songs want a pause or a breathing space and BÖSS of course grants that. Because sometimes being an artist is actually being an archeologist, the work of the artist simply consists of dusting the sand away from fossils that emerge from the sand. And woe to the archeologist that finds a Triceratops lying in the sand and tries to excavate a T-Rex – if he tries that, the fossilised skeleton turns to dust. And this is a free ‘How to play music’ manual by BÖSS.

Mikael Máni Ásmundsson : guitar, bass
Hrafnkell Örn Guðjónsson : drums
Þórður Sigurðarson : piano, keyboards
Birkir Blæ Ingólfsson : saxophone

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