The quartet plays the music of Icelandic saxophonist Snæbjörn Snæbjörnsson, music he explains as an “homage to home, wherever that might be”. Deeply inspired by Icelandic folk music and the Nordic jazzscene the band creates something spectacular in their playing, with great respect for the melodies, both written and improvised.

Snæbjörn founded the band during his studies in Denmark and joined together Mathias Ditlev on piano, Benjamin Kirketerp on bass and drummer Chris Falkenberg. The ideology of the band is “music for the sake of music” and the linear playing weaves an atmospheric, melody-centered base for the music to grow even further.

BERG’s debut album, A.A.P., was released in late 2020 and has received high praise from reviewers. BERG is looking forward to share their music at Reykjavik Jazz Festival

Snæbjörn Snæbjörnsson : saxophone
Mathias Ditlev : piano
Benjamin Kirketerp : bass
Chris Falkenberg : drums

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