ASA Trio & Jóel Pálsson


ASA Trio along with saxaphonist Jóel Pálsson will perform a repertoire of brand new music that is written by the four of them. The music consists of pieces that are written especially for this occasion and the group is heading into the studio to record the material afterwards.
ASA Trio has been an active unit from the year 2005 and has released two cd‘s as well as a couple of concert releases that are available as digital downloads on their website. The trio memebers are Andrés Thor on guitar, Agnar Magnusson on hammond organ and Scott
McLemore on drums. Saxaphonist extraordinaire Jóel Pálsson will be a special additon to the group this time around. Jóel has been active on the Icelandic music scene for many years and has released numerous recordings that have been awarded and aknowledged widely.


Andrés Þór Gunnlaugsson: guitar
Agnar Már Magnússon: hammond organ
Scott McLemore: drums
Jóel Pálsson: tenor sax



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