Anna Gréta Quartet


Icelandic jazz pianist and composer Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir has been living in Sweden since 2014, and she has despite her age become one of the most in-demand pianists in Sweden. In the past years she has received numerous awards and nominations, including the Monica Zetterlund award (awarded to one up and coming jazz musician in Sweden each year). For her performance at Reykjavík Jazz Festival 2020, Anna Gréta has put together a band consisting of Sölvi Kolbeinsson (sax), Einar Scheving (drums) and Johan Tengholm (double bass). Together they will play material from her newly released album “Brighter”, released by Naxos. This album was a collaboration between her and Swedish guitar player Max Schultz, featuring Joakim Milder on the saxophone, Magnus Gran on drums and Christian Spering on the double bass. The album has received critical acclaim both in Sweden and in Iceland.



Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir: piano
Sölvi Kolbeinsson: saxophone
Johan Tengholm: double bass
Einar Scheving: drums


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