Agnar Már Magnússon – Mór


Agnar Már Magnússon Trio – Release concert for the album ‘Mór’.

Pianist Agnar Már Magnússon covers the Icelandic musician heritage, mixed with original music. The trio also includes Agnar, Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson on Kontrabassa and Matthías Hemstock on drums. Then also plays with a quartet of horn players.

The trio has been collaborating intermittently since 2007, when Agnar released a CD, Láð which was well recieved and has been in demand ever since. There Agnar used national themes and rhymes to make new music. Here, this idea is continued and taken further. Icelandic folk songs and rhyme music are quite a treasure and from them new and progressive ideas can be derived.


Agnar Már Magnússon: piano
Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson: double bass
Matthías Hemstock: drums

Stefán Jón Bernharðsson: horn
Frank Hammarin: horn
Asbjørn Ibsen Bruun: horn
Nimrod Ron: tuba


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