National Gallery – Mikael Máni Trio

The opening day of Reykjavik Jazz Festival will be focused around a series of short concerts taking place in the National Gallery of Iceland (Listasafn Íslands). Each concert last approximately 30 minutes and the series is staged in two of the gallery’s main halls. Click here to buy tickets.

Mikael Máni is a young jazz guitarist that found inspiration reading Bobby Fischer‘s biography, and basis his debut album on a fictional interpretation of Bobby‘s life in original songs that each captures an element of human nature.

The trio consists of 3 Icelandic musicians all of a different generation. Skúli Sverisson plays on bass and Magnús Trygvason Elíassen plays on drums and vibraphone. The music is in its core jazz but there are also influences from many other genres like post rock and film music.

This complete artistic interpretation of Mikael Máni is an inspiring mental chess game that brings a fresh air to the jazz scene. He is an instrumentalist that loves lyrics and jazz, and combines the intellectuality of a composer and the honesty of a singer-songwriter

„A solid debut, Bobby establishes Mani thoughtful, deft musician ready to add his voice to the roster of Scandinavians who continue to sculpt a distinctive jazz sound.“
-Franz A. Matzner, All about Jazz.