National Gallery – Hilmar Jensson solo

The opening day of Reykjavik Jazz Festival will be focused around a series of short concerts taking place in the National Gallery of Iceland (Listasafn Íslands). Each concert last approximately 30 minutes and the series is staged in two of the gallery’s main halls. Click here to buy tickets.

Hilmar Jensson is known for his adventurous soundscaping as a solo artist where the unknown is lurking around the corner.

He has performed and recorded in a wide variety of settings and appeared on over 50 records including 8 as a leader or co-leader, he has also performed in 35 countries with his trio „TYFT“, Jim Black’s AlasNoAxis, Trevor Dunn’s MadLove, Mogil, Outhouse, BMX and many others. Hilmar is also one the founders of Kitchen Motors, an Icelandic record label, think tank and art organization. Hilmar Jenson has recorded and/or performed with a variety of artists such as: Tim Berne, Andrew D’Angelo, Jim Black, Chris Speed, Skuli Sverrisson, Trevor Dunn, Herb Robertson, Eyvind Kang, Hank Roberts, Marc Ducret, Tom Rainey, Peter Evans, Ben Perowski, Jamie Saft, Ches Smith, Wadada Leo Smith, Arve Henriksen, Audun Kleive, Bugge Wesseltoft, Per Jörgensen, Per Oddvar Johansen, Anders Jormin and many others.