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Venue: Iðnó
Date and time: 7 September 2018, 21:30
Lineup: Þórdís Gerður Jónsdóttir – Cello, Andri Ólafsson – doublebass, Grímur Helgason – klarinett, Guðmundur Pétursson – guitar, Matthías Hemstock – prec, Steingrímur Karl Teague – piano

Although cellists don’t have many role models in jazz and improvisation, it is something that has captivated Icelandic cellist Þórdís Gerður Jónsdóttir. At the Reykjavík Jazz Festival she will perform her own jazz composition where she seeks to find the cello a place as a leading instrument in jazz and improvisation but also to approach jazz is if it were classical chamber music. As Þórdís has both studied jazz and classical music her approach to her own jazz composition is greatly influence by the classical music tradition.

Performing with Þórdís will be Andri Ólafsson on double bass, Grímur Helgason on clarinet, Guðmundur Pétursson on electric guitar, Matthías Hemstock on percussion and Steingrímur Karl Teague on piano.

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