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Venue: Iðnó
Date and time: 7 September 2018, 19:30
Lineup: Oskar Gudjonsson – saxophone, Matthias Hemstock – drums, Richard Andersson – doublebass

In 2013 Danish bass player and composer Richard Andersson moved to Iceland to explore the Icelandic culture- and music-scene. Soon integrated in the Icelandic music community he could not avoid bumping into two of the most significant voices of the Icelandic jazz scene. Saxophone player Oskar Gudjonsson and drummer Matthias Hemstock. That was the beginning of ”Richard Andersson NOR”.

Richard Andersson NOR plays the music of Andersson and Gudjonsson which is characterized by its clarity and simplicity. Yet the trio executes the music in a manner that is both complex and even avantgardistic at times. The goal for these three musicians is to bring forward music that is melodic and poetic in its foundation but holds the opportunity to seek more odd corners of their individual musicality.

After four years and more than 80 concerts in The Faroe Islands, Iceland and Denmark the trio released their debut album on CD, which was celebrated with a concert tour on the West, North and South-west regions of Iceland in April 2017. During the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July 2017 they released the album on vinyl. In September 2018 Richard Andersson NOR’s second album will be released both on vinyl and CD.

“This excellent music can be grooved up and bubbling but is chiefly remarkable for its spare and unhurried clarity of cross-rythmic melodic exposition and its transparency of carefully weighted group accents.” Michael Tucker / Jazz Journal

“…Through the mist you will notice the lurking volcanoes that occasionally erupt…” (Berlinske Tidende)

“It’s strong Nordic ballad playing with temperament and very recommendable” (Jazznyt)

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